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Masks aren't just for Halloween anymore!

Nobody really likes wearing masks in this season of COVID, but they're important for our health . . . plus they keep our faces warm in cold weather! Here are some important Mask Do's & Don'ts from WebMD.

  1. DO handle the mask from the ear loops, both when you put it on and when you take it off

  2. DO secure the mask over the bridge of your nose. You want as little air escaping as possible.

  3. DO train yourself not to touch the front of your mask - that's where the germs are!

  4. DO throw away your mask, or wash it in hot soapy water after each use.

  5. DO wash your hands before/after handling your mask.

  6. DON'T leave your nose or mouth uncovered or wear your mask under your chin.

  7. DON'T reuse a disposable mask.

Masks may not be fun or convenient, but they help protect us and those we love . . . and even those we don't love so much!


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