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Singing Is More Beneficial Than You Think!


Have a look at a few of the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being benefits of singing:

  • Physical

    • Strengthens the Immune System.  Based on a study at the University of Frankfurt, the act of singing (rather than just listening) can strengthen the immune system by increasing the amount of proteins that function as antibodies (known as Immunoglobin A).

    • Increases Circulation and Lung/Diaphragm Strength as a result of the focus on proper inhalation & breath management techniques.

    • Improves Posture. "Tall Puppet Posture" will become a habit over time!

    • Helps with Sleep.  Singing can also help with snoring and overall quality of sleep.  Based on a study by Exeter University and the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, England, "the conclusion that we came to was that the three month programme of daily singing exercises reduced the frequency and severity of snoring, and improved overall quality of sleep."

  • Emotional

    • Releases "Feel Good" Hormones.  The act of singing releases endorphins (the "feel-good" hormone) and oxytoxin (the "cuddle" hormone), known to decrease stress, anxiety, and depression.

    • Improves Mental Alertness due to increased blood flow and more oxygen to the brain.  

  • Spiritual

    • "Singing with songs, hymns, and spiritual songs."  The act of singing, particularly in either personal or corporate worship, takes us​ out of ourselves and helps connect us with the One who created our internal instruments and music in the first place.  It is both calming and exhilarating.


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