8-Week Singing Subscriptions

Renewable 8-week Singing Subscriptions will Fit Your Budget and Schedule and bring you JOY!

Which Singing Subscription fits YOU BEST? 

Have a look, schedule a test lesson ($30/25min) or jump right in!

Subscription Details & Fees


Quarter Note-25.  Eight 25-min solo lessons taken over 8 weeks

  • Best For:  School-age beginners, someone new to singing or shy

  • Fee:  $240 every 8 weeks


Half Note-45.  Eight 45-min solo lessons taken over 8 weeks

  • Best For:  Advanced beginners or intermediate singers, grades 6 through adults

  • Fee:  $360 every 8 weeks


Whole Note-55Eight 55-min solo lessons taken over 8 weeks

  • Best For:  Intermediate or advanced students

  • Fee:  $440 every 8 weeks

Eighth Note-45.   Four 45-min solo lessons taken over 8 weeks

  • Best For:  Advanced beginner or Intermediate singer

  • Fee:  $200 every 8 weeks

Dotted Eighth Note-55.   Four 55-min solo lessons taken over 8 weeks

  • Best For:  Advanced beginner or Intermediate singer

  • Fee:  $220 every 8 weeks


Fermata-55.  Two 55-min solo lessons take over 8 weeks

  • Best For:  Established singer with limited time or budget

  • Fee:  $110 every 8 weeks

BYOB - Buddy, That Is!  Eight 45-min Buddy lessons taken over 8 weeks

  • Best For:  Couples, family members, friends.  Minimum of 2 buddies per lesson

  • Fee:  $240 per person every 8 weeks

Beginning Piano and French Horn.  Eight 25-min solo lessons taken over 8 weeks

  • Best For:  Beginners of all ages

  • Fee:  $200 every 8 weeks

Included with All Subscriptions

  • Vocal technique, performance technique, and character development

  • Repertoire/Rep List: songs you're learning and songs ready to perform

  • Music reading basics & ear training

  • Saturday Sip-N-Sing Virtual Performance Classes (1-2 per month)

  • YouTube Voice Lesson Playlist

  • Repertoire research and selection

  • Melody practice files, as needed

  • Recital prep and program notes

  • Scanning/sending music when not in your current collection

  • Translations - French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese 

A la carte Items

  • Voice Lesson Notebook (Gr. 1 - Adult):  $7-$10​

  • Song Collections: $15-35

  • Song Copies: .10/page

  • Musicnotes.com music:  $4-6

  • Special Accompaniments: $5

  • Sounds of the Season Soiree (Dec): $10-$15

  • Spring Sing Recital (late Spring):  $10-$15

5 Steps to Start Singing!

  1. Decide which subscription you want.
  2. Text or email me to set up a time to talk.
  3. We'll set up your lessons, and I'll email your 8-week invoice (payable by your first lesson by cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal (3% fee)) .​​

  4. You'll receive a 24-hour email/text reminder before your lesson.

  5. Come to your first lesson, and start learning to sing or sing better!

Cancelling & ReScheduling A Lesson

Regularly scheduled lessons are best, but life happens.  Once a lesson is scheduled, you will receive a 24-hour text/email reminder.  If you are sick or have a family emergency, after payment of your invoice and your 1st lesson, you have FULL FLEXIBILITY to schedule or re-schedule lessons on days/times that work best for you during any 8-week period. 

  1. Log into the Student Portal.  If you need me to resend that login link, just let me know.

  2. Scheduling or Re-Scheduling a lesson

    • Find and click on a NEW scheduled lesson day/time

    • Click on REGISTER


  3. Cancelling a Lesson

    • Text or email me that you must miss your lesson

    • Log into the student portal, then find and click on your CURRENT lesson day/time

    • Click on “Cancel Attendance”

      • Please include a brief note on why you’re cancelling

    • Click YES

    • Re-schedule for another day/time using the scheduling instructions above.