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Happy Singer Reviews! 

Adult, 2024

Carol Joy is such a delight to work with! Her expertise and many ways of teaching different concepts to help the student find a way that works best for them is refreshing. The exercises, warmups, and breathing techniques and other information in the Sing 4 Health program are clear and easy to follow. Thank you Carol Joy and Sing 4 Health!

Kim R.

College-bound, 2021

I have really enjoyed learning songs in new languages and song styles in my lessons this year! I worked on Russian and French and sung cabaret songs for the first time. I really enjoyed learning how different music techniques apply in different styles and languages.

Izzy B.

Adult 2020

Whether you sing only snippets of show tunes for yourself in the shower, or you aspire to sing in operas for thousands at The Met, (or any level between these two extremes), CarolJoy (“CJ”) Evans can help you meet your goals and become a better singer. For myself, she has helped expand my repertory and vocal range.
Rich B.

Adult, 2023

I am an adult who had some Voice training and experiences. I searched for someone to help me improve my Voice skills and support my interest in participating in a wider variety of singing opportunities. CJ Evans is that person. CJ has instructed me in building a solid foundation for my voice. CJ utilizes her extensive personal Voice experiences, technical understanding of the human voice and her teaching expertise to guide me on this journey in a no nonsense, no stress, environment. Best of all, CJ makes the entire process fun. I recommend CJ’s instruction for adults, young adults and children of all skill levels and Voice interests.

Bob J.

Adult, 2021

I leave each lesson with Carol Joy feeling energized and happy. And my singing is improving quickly. Carol Joy knows what she is doing!

Elaine H.


My daughter has loved her voice lessons with CJ. She has improved so much since starting a little over a year ago. She has better pitch, better sight reading ability and has learned a variety of songs from different genres. Most importantly, she loves her lessons and always looks forward to them!

Age 7, 2018 (online student)

My little girl just finished her first lesson today and we are both so excited to continue working with Carol Joy. She is so knowledgeable and kind. We feel really blessed to be able to work with her.

Reagan M.

Age 50+,  2018

As a professionally trained musician myself, (though not in voice), I sincerely appreciate CarolJoy's respect for my own musicianship, along with her uncanny ability to continually challenge my vocal training, while maintaining an encouraging environment in our lessons. CarolJoy Evans radiates true JOY in her teaching, and she obviously cares for every single one of her students. My having this opportunity to work with CarolJoy is indeed both a genuine blessing and a JOY, for which I am truly grateful!

Rhonda  B.

Age 29, 2016

Every moment I spend with Carol Joy I always walk away learning something new or I am gaining a deeper understanding on what I am preparing to perform next. Hands down, this woman knows her stuff! Her demeanor is strong and thoughtful as she guides you through the learning process. She takes the time and energy to make connections to her students on a deeper level with a catered discipline that meets their desires plus a little bit extra. However you have to do your part and practice at home in order to receive your highest level of success. 

Heather C.

Age 11, 2016

Amazing experience! My daughter has learned so much in a short period of time. Great learning environment and fabulous teacher.

Kristi B.

Adult, 60+, 2012

I’m singing better and enjoying it more than I have in decades! I never thought I’d get any high notes back, but notes that used to be so hard are now amazingly easy. Thank you, Carol Joy!


Age 18, 2019

With Carol Joy's unique skill and talent, she helped me prepare for and succeed in All State Choir auditions and college auditions. I gained a fuller understanding of music, theory, and technique under her direction, and feel fortunate to have been her student!


Age 15, 2019

Carol Joy is wonderful! My daughter was very shy about singing and was convinced she couldn't. CJ helped her to develop a beautiful singing voice. It has been a wonderful boost for her confidence. She is able to perform on stage and sing in choirs now and truly enjoy it. My daughter loves studying with CJ.


Age 9, 2013

My daughter  loves her voice lessons with Carol Joy! She has learned so much in just six months. Normally quite shy, my daughter is so confident in her singing ability that she performed her recital songs at our neighborhood block party. This is a reflection of Carol Joy's ability to bring out the best in her students.

Kelley R. 

Age 15, 2018

You have given me the knowledge & confidence to do so many things I never thought I'd do!


Age 19, 2013

I knew alot about many types of music, but not classical music, and I hadn't sung much before. She taught at a great pace. I learned alot about phrasing, dynamics, technique, and using the poetry to affect my singing. She also helped me build my repertoire, get ready for college auditions, and start to feel more confident in my singing. She challenged me, but was also very supportive, and kind.

Scott K.

Ages 7 & 9, 2012

Our two girls have had a great time singing with Carol Joy! She makes it fun and they learn so much both technically and artistically. They have become comfortable singing in front of audiences. It’s fun to have them singing all the time in the car and around the house. Start them out while they are young and they'll have a fun and useful skill for life!

Keith P. 

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