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Online Lessons: Be Safe & Sing!

With COVID-19 infiltrating our lives and our world, cooperation and sacrifice are needed by all of us to help protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors. Thankfully, since March 23, 2020, technology has come to our aid, and voice lessons continue to be a part of our weekly routines!

WHY Are Online Lesson Important?

  • They keep momentum going from your in-person lessons.

  • In a time when schedules are totally disrupted, it sets aside a specific time for you to sing.

  • Stretch-Stand-Breathe-Sing: Those elements of lessons help exercise your body, brain, voice, and emotions!

WHAT Do You Need for Online Lessons?


  • Good WiFi connection (the faster the better); hardwired with a cable probably best, but no essential

  • Computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone

  • A (relatively) quiet place to sing

  • Glass or bottle of water

  • Voice lesson notebook (available from

  • Music!

Optional, but very helpful

  • Music stand

  • External mic (e.g., Logitech C615, Blue Snowflake, or Blue Yeti (bundle option link)

  • 2nd device to play backing tracks (i.e., watch video on computer; play accomp track on phone)

Additional Advantages?

  1. Keep learning from the safety, comfort and convenience of your own home, particularly as we wait out any stay-at-home orders.

  2. No worries about outside germs

  3. No worries about travel, gas expenses, or extra time to get to/from lessons

  4. Access to your own YouTube playlist with warm up and technique videos

  5. Get started online, and switch to in-studio if you like.

Call and get started today! Learn to sing, and make music for a lifetime!

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