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Begin Your Piano Adventures!

We can all benefit from a basic understanding of the piano, no matter how old we are!  The nice thing is: Piano lessons can be taken online or in-person.


Using Nancy and Randall Faber's Piano Adventures series, beginning piano students will learn:

  • Basics of the keyboard: white keys, black keys

  • Musical alphabet

  • How to keep a steady beat

  • Dynamics

  • Note and rest names

  • Clefs (Treble and Bass)

  • Grand staff

  • C Scales (major and 5-tone)

  • Intervals

  • and More!

Younger pianists (age 5-7) have fun audios to download so they can play & sing along as they they learn.  Different musical styles include classical, folk, and blues.

Older beginners of all ages will use the Accelerated Piano Adventures books, and become acquainted with music by Bach, Beethoven, Borodin, Brahms, Grieg, Haydn, Mozart, Rameau, and Stephen Foster, along with traditional folk songs and some original Faber pieces.

"But I Don't Own an Instrument!"  Thankfully technology keeps advancing and there are some very decent digital keyboards you can buy for not a lot of money.  (I own 2 Yamaha and 1 Technic digital keyboards.)  Digital keyboards have the advantage in that they are:

  • Maintenance free: no hammer or strings

  • Don’t need tuning

  • More portable than an acoustic piano

  • Come in a variety of sizes with different numbers of keys: 25, 32, 49, 61, 72, or 88 keys.  If not full size (88 keys), the most common is 61 or 72 keys.

  • Keys are often weighted, giving you the feel of an acoustic piano when you play.

There's SO much more to learn!  My job is to help you or your child get started with the basics so you can keep learning and enjoying!

Upright Piano.jpg

Upright Piano

Digial Keyboard.jpg

Digital Keyboard

Baby Grand Piano.jpg

Baby Grand Piano

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