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To Your Health: Posture—Medical & Musical Support

"Posture: Aligning yourself for good health" is the main topic in the May 2016 Mayo Clinic Health Letter. “Posture is how you hold your body . . . . It refers to the relative position of your muscles, bones and other supporting body structures. . . . aligned and balanced in such a way that your body structures are properly supported and protected.” The 4-page article goes on to suggest the following tips for standing posture:

  • Reach the top of your head upward while looking straight ahead. Imagine you’re a puppet with a string coming out of your head [sound familiar???] and someone is pulling on the string—but don’t tip your chin up or extend your neck.

  • Keep your shoulders back, relaxed and level.

  • Your legs should be straight and your knees neutral—not bent or locked . . . . Feel your body weight over the middle of our feet, not over your toes or heels.

Vocal pedagogue Victor Fields has this to say: “Because many common faults of phonation are attributed to faulty posture, authors of singing texts continually stress the importance of head position, chest position, tongue position, etc. . . . Freedom and flexibility of the neck, shoulders, spine, ribs and chest are therefore contributing factors in phonation.

So, pay attention to your posture—your voice and body will thank you!

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