Happy Belated Birthday, JUNE Classical Composers!

Well, it's almost the last day of June, so I have ONE day to share some of my favorite classical composers born in JUNE. Please click on the links to hear some examples of their wonderful works!

Mikhael Glinka: 06/01/1804-02/15/1857

Edward Elgar: 06/02/1857 - 02/23/1934

Aram Khachaturian: 06/06/1903-05/01/1978

Robert Schumann: 06/08/1810 - 07/29/1856

Carl Orff: 06/10/1895 - 03/29/1982

Richard Strauss: 06/11/1864 - 09/08/1949

Igor Stravinsky: 06/17/1882 - 04/06/1971

Charles Gounod: 06/17/1818-10/18/1893

Esa-Pekka Salonen: 06/30/1958-_______

If you want to look for the birthdays of other great Classical Music Composers sorted in various ways, use this link: Classical Music Composers.

Stay tuned for July composers - let's see how many American classical composers are listed . . .

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