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All Things New in 2022 - one step at a time

Hello, Everyone! So how does it feel settling into the New Year?

I'm feel a little slow coming out of the starting gate, but I'm not the only one! Noa Kageyama, PhD, author of The Bulletproof Musician blog (to which I've been subscribed for a few years) puts it this way: "'s once again that time of year when we are supposed to think about New Years resolutions and what habits we’d like to change. But with everything we’ve experienced the last couple years, I don’t know if I have the same level of energy as in years past, to make any massive behavior change commitments for the year ahead." So, whether you're rarin' to go or could use a couple more weeks' vacation, have a look at the 2022 goal sheet attached, and, step-by-step, let's take the first steps towards your musical goals for 2022 together.

Download PDF • 416KB


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