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Sing4Health: Keeping It Personal

You know, I was just thinking of why I choose to teach the way I do (private studio vs college, school, etc.). It would certainly be easier in many ways to have the support of a larger organization from an administrative point of view, and I might (but not necessarily) have access to better facilities.

So here are the top 3 reasons why I love being a private studio owner/teacher:

  1. FLEXIBILITY: Our world is so busy, and I know what it's like as an adult student to take voice lessons on top of a fulltime job. It's important to me to be as flexible as possible to accommodate busy students' and parents' schedules.

  2. POWER (of sorts): I want to provide a more relaxed, nurturing environment for my students, and value the ability to be in control to that end.

  3. NO PRESSURE: While I want each one of my students to grow vocally, musically, and artistically, I want that motivation to come from inside them, not from external deadlines and requirements.

So, there you have it: my 3 "why's"! How about you? I hope whatever you're doing in your life, you feel a sense of purpose and joy in doing it.

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