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March Monthly Musicianship: Tritone interval

If it's MARCH, it must be TRITONE MONTH!

A Tritone - Augmented 4th (4+) or Diminished 5th (5º) - is made up of 6 half-steps, or 3 adjacent whole steps, and splits the scale in half. During the Renaissance, it was referred to as the “devil’s interval” because of its dissonance, and was banned from church music. For a more detailed explanation, click here: Tritone explanation

Reminder songs: ascending (4+/5º) = "Maria" and "Cool" from West Side Story; "The Simpsons" theme song. Descending (4+/5º) = just sing the first couple of notes backwards!

Have a look and a listen to the attached handout. It's quick, easy, and good ear training. See if you can hear any of this month's interval in the songs you're singing.

Monthly Musicianship-MAR-TriTone
Download PDF • 355KB


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