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Happy Birthday, May Classical Composers!

Two of my favorite composers, Johannes Brahms and Pyotr Tchaikovsky, were born on May 7! And two very important French composers, Gabriel Faure and Jules Massenet, were born on May 12!

Many of us know Tchaikovsky as the composer of that classic holiday ballet, The Nutcracker. I was introduced to Maestro Brahms by my 7th grade French horn teacher, Donald Markey - a great private teacher in Bethlehem, PA. Mr. Markey gave me his book of 1st horn parts to Brahms' symphonic works in the original keys. That's how I learned to transpose from sight as a French horn player. Thank you, Mr. Markey!!

Well, back to May birthdays: here are some of the names you're likely to know. Please click on the links to hear some examples of their wonderful works!

If you want to look for the birthdays of other great Classical Music Composers sorted in various ways, use this link: Classical Music Composers.


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