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Taffy Transitions - Have a Look!

Greetings, Everyone! I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to share a image of what a smooth transition in vocal "registers" looks like. Moving from one area of the voice, e.g., from chest/heavy mechanism to middle voice to high/light mechanism, uses what I like to call "Taffy Transitions." The goal is for smooth transitions from one area to another, with no glitches, hesitations, or breaks. To do that, you need" 1) a steady stream of air; 2) relaxed larynx; and 3) good understanding of what vowel(s) you're singing so that you can subconsciously create the right environment inside your larynx so the muscles/ligaments can respond to the gradual change of pitch. The video says it all in terms of what those smooth transitions should feel like as you sing. And if you're ever in Estes Park, CO, be sure to visit the Purple Mountain Taffy Company! Delicious!!!


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