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An Autumn SipNSing: 10/24/20, 4pm

Singers, Family & Friends!

Our next virtual SipNSing performance class is THIS Saturday, Oct 24th, at 4pm. We're celebrating everything Autumn: the season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Here are the people scheduled to sing. If you're not listed, but would like to sing, please let me know. Would love to hear you!

  • Rhonda B

  • Rich B

  • Savannah D

  • Aubrey G

  • Molly M

  • Rebekah P

  • Megan R

  • Delia S

  • Cleo W


  • Please dress in character, even if it's just a bit!

  • You may use your music, but memorized music will help you get into character better.

  • Make sure to have your accompaniment ready, preferably on a 2nd device (e.g., cell phone)

  • Before you sing, introduce yourself and your song

  • Invite family & friends to listen in. Just send them the 24-hour reminder with the Zoom link when you receive it Friday afternoon.

Should be fun! See you Saturday.


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