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If it's AUGUST, it must be MAJOR 7th month!

Well, we're almost finished with a year of intervals! Since September 2020, we've been focusing on a different interval each month as part of our musicianship training. As a reminder: Intervals are the building blocks of music, and 1/2 steps are the building blocks of intervals.

August is MAJOR 7th month. A Major 7th (M7) is made up of 11 half-steps. Have a look and a listen to the attached handout, and a listen to the links below. It's quick, easy, and good ear training. Plus, see if you can hear any of this month's interval in the songs you're singing.

Reminder songs:

Ascending M7 = Pure Imagination from Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory or a portion of the Superman theme song.

Descending M7 = sing Pure Imagination or Superman theme backwards(!!!)

Just remember: Intervals are all around us. The next time you hear a doorbell, hear a car horn, or hear a bird sing, see what interval(s) you hear.


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