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Find Your Voice-

Find Your JOY!

Hi!  My name is Carol Joy EvansI’m a qualified Singing Teacher in Fort Collins, Colorado,

and offer both in-person and online singing lessons to singers of all ages and abilities.

I've been teaching for over 25 years and LOVE what I do! 

I'd LOVE to help you, too!

Singing helps your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being,  plus it's just plain fun! 

What do you need?  A desire to learn, and a willingness to try!  

What will you learn? You will learn how to:  


  • BREATHE BETTER and sing longer phrases


  • Have LESS TENSION in your singing



  • Perform a song with AUTHENTIC, NATURAL GESTURES

  • Prepare for PERFORMANCES & AUDITIONS: All-State, college, church or community

  • Sing in MULTIPLE LANGUAGES if you like (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and even some Japanese & Russian!)

  • Try a NEW GENRE/STYLE, maybe a jazz standard, opera aria, or a little scatting!

  • MATCH PITCH better through ear training and interval work

  • And more!

How long will it take?  While that depends a lot on you (your abilities, how often you practice), you should see improvement by the end of your first 8-weeks Singing Subscription. 

What's a Singing Subscription?  Click here for more info


Will it hurt?  Hah!!!  No, and you'll have fun learning to sing so you can make music for a lifetime!

*  Opera  *  Art Song  * Musical Theatre  *  Praise & Worship  *  Jazz Standards  *  Folk Songs *

Music Reading Basics *   Ear Training & Sight Singing  *  Scales  *

* Vocal Technique  *  Performance Technique  *  Performance Classes  *

Need more info?  
Leave a message with the best days/times to reach you for a FREE 20-min consultation! 

Ready to get started?

Still curious? 
Click on any of the links below or under the menu for samples of singing, more photos, a musical menu, and more!

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