Find Your Voice, Find Your JOY!

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Singing helps your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being,

plus it's just plain fun! 

Hello!  My name is Carol Joy Evans and I’m a qualified Singing Teacher offering personalized lessons and instruction to students both online and in northern Colorado. I’ve been teaching people of all ages and experience levels for over 25 years

and LOVE what I do!  I'd LOVE to help you, too!


What do you need?  A desire to learn, and a willingness to try!  

What will you learn? 

  • A healthy VOCAL TECHNIQUE involving posture, breathing, breath support and breath management
  • How to BREATHE better and sing longer phrases


  • How to have LESS TENSION in your singing

  • How to MATCH PITCH better through ear training and interval work

  • How to become a BETTER SINGING ACTOR using character worksheets

  • How to perform a song with AUTHENTIC, NATURAL GESTURES

  • How to prepare for PERFORMANCES & AUDITIONS:  All-State, college, church or community

  • How to sing in MULTIPLE LANGUAGES if you like (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and even some Japanese & Russian!)

  • Try a NEW GENRE/STYLE, if you like (maybe a jazz standard, opera aria, or a little scatting!)

  • And more!

How long will it take?  While that depends a lot on you (your abilities, how often you practice), you should see improvement by the end of your first 8-weeks Singing Subscription. 

What's a Singing Subscription?  Click here for more info

Will it hurt?  Hah!!!  No, and you'll have fun learning to sing so you can make music for a lifetime!


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